Thursday, April 27, 2017



1. The situation--QUEEN OF WANDS
As I am manifesting my spiritual  potential ,I will possess the energy and enthusiasm to create the life I desire.
2. The Challenge is the QUEEN OF PENTACLES
Is to become more aware and awake to things of spirit,so that I will use my wealth and abilities to empower myself and others.
3. My Opportunity is the 6 OF WANDS.
I have ability to have sweet success and  enjoy my triumphs and realize that what I have manifested can be repeated again and again.

1. The situation --3 OF WANDS
As I explore the inner and outer unknowns, I possess the power to bring about my hearts desires.
2. The challenge is the KING OF PENTACLES
To have the spiritual fulfillment within all my endeavors, I must build on my past achievements to pursue new goals and dreams.
3. My opportunity is 8 OF CUPS
As I take time for me, I will be able to follow my inner voice toward new horizons.

1.The situation --MOON
Within the cycles of my inner development I must request the help I need from my dreams to help me create my  future.
2. The challenge is the 4 OF PENTACLES
To feel truly wealthy,  I must make every effort count and not allow anything to go to waste.
3. My opportunity is DEATH
As I am  open to new opportunities and transformation,  transformation and metamorphosis will awaken me to my own new life that I desire.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Resting Leopard acrylics
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art by my sister Arilla Peterson

I have not been able to remember my dreams for a long while so to remember my dream from last night is a big thing for me. My dream: I am by a river, kids playing to my right in the water and to my left hanging from a tree is a deer  carcass to be dressed after being killed in a hunt, in front of me under the water is a jaguar but it is not interested in either the kids or the deer, she is looking at me while I am concerned for the kids,   the jaguar is not doing anything but looking intently at me. end of dream.
The Jaguar showed up in my life many years ago, in fact it seemed at that time I could shape shift into one, at least it felt like I could. But it has been a long while since it has shown up in my life, so I have to decide if it was just any Jaguar to be interpreted as a dream symbol or is it as my animal guide coming back into my life? I had asked SPIRIT what animal spirit was guiding my life at this time of my life and this dream comes a few days later.
As a dream to see objects underwater in your dream symbolizes your suppressed feelings as represented by the objects, To see a jaguar in your dream represents speed, agility, and power.water is oftentimes symbolic of emotion.

As a TOTEM/SPIRIT GUIDE people with a Jaguar, Panther or Leopard medicine have the ability to multi-task. They tend to be loners and are very comfortable with themselves. Often they are drawn to other solitary people.Jaguar is the earth father, holding the authority over the sacred power of and in the earth, and the animals who live upon it. The force that lives within the mountains, giving them their volcanic and transformative power,
The Jaguar’s medicine includes seeing the roads within chaos and understanding the patterns of chaos, moving without fear in the darkness, moving in unknown places, shape shifting, psychic vision, facilitating soul work, empowering oneself, reclaiming power.

A Cool Drink of Water acrylics
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artwork by Arilla Peterson
I have been stalked by the INTEGRITY card in the Dreams of Gaia tarot deck, I have just recently gotten this deck in January so pretty much every draw this card shows up ,I feel very connected to this card but did not know why until this dream , to see both the jag and the owl  now makes since to me as it shows my 2 major Totems in my life This could have been a portrait of me in my younger days, the card looks like this:
Image result for dreams of gaia tarot, the integrity card
Brother Jaguar reminds us to not waiver in our resolves to be our own personal best at all times. To remember to maintain our dignity, devotion, and compassion no matter what contrary influences surround us is another lesson we learn from the totem spirit of Jaguar. The totem of Jaguar teaches us that personal integrity will always allow for mistakes, embraces forgiveness, and to humbly make corrections of self to keep a balance in our spirit.

The jaguar is representative of power, ferocity, and valor; he is the embodiment of aggressiveness.  For some, the jaguar represents the power to face one’s fears, or to confront one’s enemies.  However, they are also associated with vision, which means both their ability to see during the night and to look into the dark parts of the human heart.  The jaguar often warns of disaster, he does not offer any reassurance.  Along with physical vision, jaguars are also associated with prescience and the foreknowledge of things to come.  Cats have binocular vision, meaning each eye can work by itself, which provides them with better depth perception.  This gives more evidence to their connection with vision and
Night Stalker Leopard graphite
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Artwork by Arilla Peterson

When Jaguar shows up in my dream I am being called out because I am not standing in my power, I am not tapping into my innate ability to see things with new eyes. It is time for a Vision Quest.What is it am I really wanting in my life and why am I denying my power? Jaguar draws out the truth, it is time to be honest with myself and set goals in line with my vision. When Jaguar comes into my life it is time to get serious with what I want in my life.Jaguar is appearing in my life to help guide me into manifestation of my goals. Jaguar says to  WALK WITH ME AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE POWER OF YOUR
For the past 5 years or so my disability and pain and depression has been increasing and taking over my life, I have not been able to see a good future only pain, I have been unable to plan or to make goals, why should I when I can't do shit. Also for the past 2 years we have been treading water when it comes to finances with hardly any money coming in, yesterday we got notice that we will get Hubby's Disability and  2 years back pay. About 7 months ago or so my daughter and son n law showed up carrying a very large picture of a jaguar, I have it on the wall behind my couch where I can see it all the time. I knew then that jaguar must be returning into my life, but how could it? I can't do anything so why bother, right? But DAMN IT I want more out of life , I do not want to give up, I WANT TO LIVE and LIVE ABUNDANTLY.  So now I have some goals and plans to make for my future.
blessed be

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


‘1)What is the underlying cause of my dis-ease?
Mainly from your physical life experiences.

1b)Is it mainly from a spiritual,mental,emotional or physical foundation?


By the accumulation of your life experiences and by your choices they have shaped your life. This is all about the journey and building of ones character.,Your life experiences all have a bearing to your body ,so the physical realm would be the foundational cause.

2) What can I do to improve my sense of wellbeing?’
Have faith in yourself,it will inspire self confidence that will help you to overcome your challenges. With a little belief and self belief you can accomplish  great things.

3)What is my best course of action for improving my health?
Just be who you truly are, be compassionate,empathetic,
generous but most importantly be kind to yourself.

4)What is the best way for me to fully align with my Life Purpose for my Highest Good?
Recognize and embrace your own uniqueness and individuality.Remove the mask you hide behind so you can feel like you belong.Be who you be.You become free and liberated when you are not bound by other's opinions of you and your actions. You are complete now but ever evolving. Accept that you are a paradox, to be fully human is to be paradoxical.See and know your potential and step forward into the wildly unknown and meet it. It is time to wear only one face in puplic and private,no longer hide your thoughts,beliefs or feelings in order to feel accepted or liked.Its time to walk your own path authentically.

5)What can I do to overcome my depression?
You are here to aquire wisdom, which is learned by experience and understanding it.
Do not define or limit life because life is full of possibilities. Accept that you will not have all the answers and your opinions and beliefs and what you believe may be TRUTHS but they are sometimes unimportant in the grand scheme of things and speculation on what you think you need to know will gain you NOTHING but a waste of precious lost time. Accept that you are both wise and ignorant, your wisdom is your personal truth but only your truth not anyone else's it is not absolute.

6) How can I learn to live a more fulfilling life in my current condition?
In all you do serve to a higher purpose. Use personal power wisely. Question everything. And remember that blind loyalty makes one blind.

7)Summing up
Everything has it's opposite.Duality divides and separates but polarity unites and integrates. Remember when you create you also destroy.Embrace an open mind. Nothing is ever just  black or white. Sometimes both parties can be right.When you create something you also destroy the state that existed prior to your creating it. You create and destroy in unison,they are not separate states but the same state but seen from two different perspectives.You have a choice between two paths,one path of dichotomy and duality or one of integration and polarity.Duality divides and creates two separate states or polarity which is the entire spectrum and unites and accepts. When you embrace the full spectrum of colour that IS LIFE it will open your mind and will reveal to you that there is always more choices available.

Amen and Blessed be,

Personal Tarot Mandala

Animal Wise Tarot
Aquarian tarot

I have been playing around with my cards and decided to gather up those cards that have some significance for me, a personal Mandala if you will.
The Queen of Swords represents my Aquarius rising sign. The Queen of Pentacles represents my Sun and Moon in Taurus. The Star, Strength and Justice represents my Tarot Constellation with birth number being 8. The Hierophant represents Taurus. And the Tower card represents my destiny card. ALL  8's in the 4  directions represents my challenges,opportunities and life lesson themes. This makes a perfect personal mandala.